Day 1: First day of Hacker School

Thanks for coming and checking out this blog! I’ll be posting about my adventures and working during Hacker School for the next few months.

The first day was great—everyone was extremely friendly, welcoming, and open.

I’m currently still deciding what I’ll be working on for the first couple of weeks. Right now, I have a very long laundry list of everything I’d like to be working on:

(This list will be updated periodically as I think of new ideas)

  • Algorithms
  • Machine Learning
  • Functional programming (Clojure and/or Haskell)
    • 4clojure
    • Clojurekoans
    • Learn You a Haskell for Great Good
  • Improving my knowledge of Javascript
  • Learning the basics of front-end web design
  • Basic JavaScript animation (animation or game?)
  • AngularJS
  • C or C++
  • Working with hardware like Raspberry Pis or Arduinos
  • Working with RFIDs
  • iOS or Android development <!— + Moto X
  • Justin has spare iPhone 4 —>
  • contribute to Meteor
  • Genetic algorithms
  • computer security (through CTF games, most likely)
  • Microcorruption
  • build a remote control car
  • Internet data via ‘wireless fax’
  • Android dev
  • TCP
  • Signal processing
  • learning networking and streaming (Python or Node)
  • learning vim (or maybe emacs
  • d3, three.js
  • React.js, sockets (a la